Privacy friendly

We believe privacy is a critical right to everyone on the internet, thus we build Chirpy from scratch with privacy in mind.

What does privacy-friendly mean?

We don't ask anything from you that would be considered as a privacy threat. Here are some typical privacy concerned scenarios we consider:

Anonymous sign-in

We provide anonymous sign-in first option for everyone, you only need a username to get started. You can connect an email later, and we'll never spam you.

Note: This option only avaiable in widget sign-in. We save the anonymous session in the browser, you may lost the access to your important data (e.g. projects, comments) if you clear your browser cache. You can always add an email or connect a social media account to your account, then you can sign-in with your email or social media account later.

Anonymous sign in

Email sign-in

You can sign-in with your email address as well, toggle the Anonymous button (only needed in widget sign-in), input your email address, click Continue with email, we'll send a verify link to your email.

Email sign in

Open your email, click the Sign in button, it'll redirect you to Chirpy's dashboard page.

Verify email

Note: this is also known as magic link, we don't save any credential (e.g. password) in our server to address security concerns.

Social sign-in

We ask the minimal possible information (e.g. name, avatar) from the social sign-in providers (e.g. Twitter, GitHub), we only save more data if you tell us so.


For our internal and widget analytics, we hosted a Plausible instance which is a privacy-friendly and open source tool like Chirpy ūü•≥. Along with plausible, we never collect sensitive information like phone number, ip address. We never sell or share your data with any third-party companies or show Ads on your websites.