Get started

Chirpy comment widget can be integrated into your website easily. You need to create a project first.

Create a project

Click Create project button on the dashboard page:


Fill the form

Fill the form with a name and the domain of your site.


Follow the integration guide

Click the Integrate button on the project card:

project card

Follow the integration guide on the dialog.

integration guide

⚠️ Note: you can only embed the widget on website pages that you just input, their domains must be exactly the same. For example, you can't embed the widget on if you create a project with domain

Integration guide

Usage on any website

To embed the comment widget on your website, first add the script tag with your project id to the HTML:


Then, add the data-chirpy-comment attribute to any HTML element that should render the widget:

<div data-chirpy-comment="true" id="chirpy-comment"></div>