Dark mode

Chirpy supports dark mode out of box, you can control the dark mode of a widget as your needs.


Add a data-chirpy-theme property to the rendering element.

<div data-chirpy-comment="true" data-chirpy-theme="system"></div>

If you don't know where to put this code, please go through the Get started first.


There're 3 options you can control:

  • "light"
  • "dark"
  • "system" (Auto detect the operating system's theme setting)

Dynamic control

You can change the theme by setting a new data-chirpy-theme value, Chirpy will detect the change and update the UI immediately.

<!-- Initial rendering -->
<div data-chirpy-comment="true" data-chirpy-theme="system"></div>
<!-- Change it later according to 
your user's action on your site -->
<div data-chirpy-comment="true" data-chirpy-theme="dark"></div>


You can try it on our playground, change the mode selector in the bottom.