Chirpy supports multiply notification mechanisms. You'll receive a message when:

  • You got a reply
  • A user liked your comment
  • You got a comment on your site as the owner

Web push

A web push is a small message alert, websites use web push to connects with users after they've left their website to improve the user experience.

Before Chirpy push a message to you, you need to grant Chirpy the proper permission. Don't worry, we only ask it when you need it.

For example, we ask it when you're posting a comment: Ask web push permissons

Click "Sure", the browser popup shows up:

Notification permission

Click "Allow" to grant the permission.

You'll get a message once you received a notification. For example:

Web push message

Email notification

You'll receive an email when you got a notification:

Email notification

Site notifications

You can also click the bell icon to open site notifications: Site notification

Note: you need to sign-in to see this icon.